Our restaurant, made of 5 tables and by bookings only, is open 7 days a week and offers a unique, gourmet experience. Our philosophy is using only the best, freshest, in season and local ingredients and highlight their flavours, not cover them. All our dishes are freshly cooked, carefully thought and presented. Our food cannot be defined Italian, however, it has the Italian approach to food at its heart.

Our menu is changed daily based on the availability of the ingredients and offers a selection of freshly cooked dishes, including vegetarian or vegan options, and gives the option to have paring wines for each course.

Our restaurant has been thought so that your experience focuses on the food and allows you to spend time and enjoy the company you are with, and our service is attentive without being intrusive, it is all about you.

Your experience with us start from the moment you sit down and are given a complimentary selection of 48H fermented sourdough breads, Italian extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar and ends when you are ready to go, no time limit, no overbooking.


Our food

All our food is sourced from small producers, Italian farms for cheese and charcuteries and other specialties such as truffles or Buffalo mozzarella, and local suppliers for meat, fish and vegetables. We have one meat supplier that select for us the best cuts from individual farms each one specialised in a specific breed and are grass fed, except for our wild venison and game. Our beef, lamb, pork and venison are then aged in Himalayan salt chambers for different periods, losing on weight but improving in flavour and tenderness.

Our beef and lamb are aged for at least 65 days, pork and venison less, and because we love food and experimenting, we often ask them to work with us with extreme meat ageing. Our fish is bought daily from the local market, just across the road from us, and our vegetable are locally sourced and we do our best to use in season British vegetables. All our cheeses and charcuteries and specialties come directly from Italy, from small farms that we have visited and we have been working together since we started.

As with our local ingredients, also our Italian ingredients, aren’t cheap, best ingredients rarely are, but we think it's worth it.

Finally our wine list, it goes hand in hand with our food and principles. We love wine and we love Italian wines and believe that a great wine adds value to the experience and an extra dimension to the food. Our wine list, awarded "Best Italian Wine List” in the UK at the Italian English Awards, includes one of the biggest Italian wine selection, constantly growing, in the country with more than 300 great, unknown wines from small producers. From Aosta Valley to Sicily we have a wine for every palate and taste.