Ipsum Vinoteca is the creation of Andrea D’Ercole, chef patron, the realisation of a journey started 20 years ago that will never end. Ipsum Vinoteca concept is clear, a few tables, a short menu made of homemade fresh food and the very best Italian wines and drinks from small producers.

Ipsum is a latin word that translate as “itself” and Vinoteca is the Italian for library of wines. Ipsum Vinoteca is different and it needed a different name to emphasise it. Ipsum Vinoteca is about food and people, we believe that great food and great people come together, and our aim is to provide the best setting possible to our guests, we want them to feel as they are with friends at home.

My approach to food is simple, I learned it from my mum and grandma, get the very best local ingredients, in season, and play with them, create, modify, recipes are made to be rewritten and details make a dish great, but keep it simple, this is my vision for the food we offer.

We are Italians and Italian at heart, and our style is Italian, we blend our history, traditions, reinterpret classic dishes and make them ours, for us, cooking is passion and love.

Wine for me is as important as food, a great bottle of wine adds an extra dimension to the food, while a cheap bottle can spoil it, and our wine list includes over 300 wines all from small Italian producers, small because their wines are better.

Ipsum Vinoteca is Andrea and Andrea is Ipsum Vinoteca, and for me, food and wine are experiences, discovery journeys, and nothing is left to chance, from the moment you step in.

To stay update with what happens at Ipsum Vinoteca and follow us in our journey, you can check our blog here or join our newsletter and you will be kept update on everything happening at Ipsum and remember, life is too short to drink bad wine and eat poor food.